At HSBC, our purpose justifies our existence. We use our experience, capabilities, reach and unique perspectives to open new opportunities in favor of our clients. We bring together people, ideas and capital to foster progress and growth; helping to create a better world for our clients, colleagues, investors and communities.

Over the past few years, we have had several volunteer activities which began to be more in-person rather than virtual. With them, we seek to support those causes of priority attention that affect our country and we do so by involving our employees in selecting which causes should benefit.

Activities 2021- 2022

Our annual Reforestation is back

Carried out in the State of Mexico with more than 100 volunteers. This project has been carried out for thirteen consecutive years, reforesting 916.1 hectares in more than 12 states of the Mexican Republic.


Program whose objective is to find a new generation of social innovators who are working to solve the most pressing environmental problems in the country.

First restoration and cleaning on Paseo de los Compositores

It took place in the Chapultepec Forest, where 41 volunteers worked doing activities such as: gardening, planting, removing waste, monuments cleaning, etc.

Support for Un Kilo de Ayuda A.C.

We helped create sustainable solutions to improve local food production.

Pro-Forest of Chapultepec

Activity where 40 volunteers helped place mulch (organic matter from trees and leaves), plant agapanthus and remove gravel from the green areas in the 2nd. Chapultepec Forest Section.

Endotherapy at the “la Hormiga” Park

Work carried out in the park within the Chapultepec Forest to help the native flora of the city’s lungs recover by planting 30 trees and distributing material to deter pests.

Program with the Mexican Civil Council for Sustainable Forestry

We supported nature-based solutions to combat climate change.

Second restoration and cleaning of Paseo de los Compositores

More than 40 volunteers and their families attended and worked for more than 3 hours on the rehabilitation of the Paseo de los Compositores.

Wheelchair assembly volunteer at HSBC Tower

At HSBC Mexico we are very proud to have carried out this volunteering, where our directors helped assemble wheelchairs and deliver them to people with limited resources and people with mobility disabilities.

Volunteering to assemble wheelchairs at Exportec

15 volunteers from our Exportec office in Toluca helped assemble wheelchairs that were delivered to beneficiaries from different parts of the country.

Virtual sessions

2022 was still a hybrid year for events. Some volunteering took place thanks to organizations with which we partnered to carry out a series of virtual sessions for different areas, for example: for young people to acquire financial management skills, practice intelligent behaviors and carry out actions that allow a sustainable life.

Make your life a success story: mentors for high school students.

The objective of this program is to support young people with soft skills, entrepreneurial and financial education aimed at creating projects that become businesses, as well as developing skills to integrate into the world of work.

Creating a financially skilled generation

Program created to help young people acquire financial management skills, practice smart behaviors and lead sustainable lives.


Our volunteers shared valuable tips and experiences with around 100 high school students on topics such as: money management, saving and budgeting.

Partners for a day

More than 30 volunteers from different areas joined to share with approximately 280 high school students their experience in working life, as well as good practices for having a quality resume, successful interviews, among others.

Activities 2020-2021

The pandemic brought with it great challenges, two of them were to renew ourselves and adapt to what the world demanded. Thanks to this, we evolved and reached communities where it was most needed and together with our allies, we got the best out of the programs by adapting to a virtual experience.

Symbolic reforestation 2021

It was carried out thanks to the people from the communities near the 6 sites nationwide (Jalisco, Guanajuato, Coahuila, Nuevo León, Chiapas and the State of Mexico), who carried out the reforestations. Due to the pandemic, we couldn’t be the ones to do it ourselves or our families.

Virtual sessions

Virtual volunteering was a reality that emerged as the world adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic. Several support sessions were held for high school students as part of the “Building a financial capability generation” program, through which HSBC inspired and provided personal finance tools to a new generation using disruptive applications and different virtual sessions.

Partners for a day: first session

With the participation of 13 volunteers, we managed to support 516 high school students to acquire professional tools, helping them develop communication, interpersonal and decision-making skills.

Skills for success

High school students attended workshops with the collaboration of 66 of our volunteers to be better prepared when accessing the workforce. They learned how to prepare a resume, simulated job interviews, received advice from experts to face challenges in a job, among others.

Promote: Skills for life

Choosing a career is important, which is why HSBC supports and guides young people to decide. Our volunteers provided a work session focused on the development of social-labor skills by the students.

Personal finances

Much of the problems affecting economic health globally can be due to a lack of financial literacy. That is why HSBC provided financial knowledge to young people through this virtual session.

Partners for a day: second session

On this occasion, our volunteers shared with the high school students what it is like to work in a multinational company and the different areas in which they can work.

To develop successful programs with great long-term impact, we have established strategic alliances with expert organizations in Future Skills, aligning our programs on the axes of Financial Education, Employability and Entrepreneurship.

The value generated with these and other projects is tangible and knowing the impact of our efforts is the force that drives us to determine next steps to follow, so that in coming years we support more children, communities and even the environment in more parts of Mexico.