In HSBC, we have contributed to the sustainable growth of the communities in which we operate and positively transforming society by investing in innovative social and environmental programs aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These programs must also align with our Corporate Sustainability strategy, which focuses on our pillars of social responsibility.

Activities 2021- 2022

Fundraising campaigns at ATMs

These campaigns were carried out to support various social causes such as: child malnutrition, access to clean water, support for education of talented students in vulnerable situations, elderly individuals and breast cancer. A total of $15,375,383.36 M.N. was raised.

Fundraising for kids with cancer

Customers and clients continued to donate in our branch network to support the treatment of children with cancer who have limited resources.

Distribution of toys by Lazos Foundation

Through a toy collection campaign at the bank, six schools benefited from a total of 1,234 donated toys and books.

Circular economies: Tablets donations

A donation of 80 tablets was made to public elementary and secondary schools, giving a second life and purpose to these tools that are in good condition.

Distribution of wheelchairs in HSBC Tower

At HSBC Mexico we are very proud to have carried out this volunteering, where our directors helped assemble wheelchairs and deliver them to people with limited resources and people with mobility disabilities.

Collection for those affected by Hurricane Agatha

Thanks to our colleagues, more than 500 items such as staple foods, personal hygiene, and cleaning supplies were given to those affected by the hurricane in Pochutla and Huatulco.

Donation of soft toys to low-income children

We delivered 450 soft toys donated by the marketing team to boys and girls at a primary school located in the municipality of Zumpango in the State of Mexico through Lazos Foundation.

Distribution of wheelchairs in Exportec

Fifteen volunteers from our Exportec office in Toluca helped assemble wheelchairs that were delivered to beneficiaries from different parts of the country.

Our building lights up in orange

We join the call to raise awareness among the population about the importance of detecting cancer early. For this reason, we illuminate the HSBC Tower in orange, (which represents childhood cancer) in commemoration of: World Cancer Day on February 4 and International Childhood Cancer Day on February 15.

Social inclusion financial bonus

HSBC Mexico participated in the issuance of the first Social Financial Inclusion Bond of the Special Fund for Agricultural Financing (its acronym in Spanish is FEFA), whose objective is to increase economic opportunities in the rural and agricultural sector through financial products and services.

Activities 2020 - 2021

The pandemic brought with it great challenges, one of them was renewing ourselves, adapting to what the world demanded. Thanks to this we evolved, we reached more communities and together with our allies we got the best out of the programs by adapting them to a virtual format.

Fundraising campaigns at ATMs

These campaigns were carried out to support various social causes such as: environmental conservation, future skills, scholarships for low-income youth, support in natural disasters and children with cancer.
A total of $12,105,843.94 M.N. was raised.

Fundraising for children with cancer: their hope, our strength.

For the 5th consecutive year, at HSBC Mexico we carried out two fundraising campaigns for children with cancer, supporting different organizations nationwide.

Delivery of computer equipment

We donated 62 used laptops to improve the quality of education in public primary schools. This action will support technological strengthening programs for Mexican public primary schools.

Climate program: mangrove restoration

In June 2021, we started the Climate Program, a global initiative lasting 5 years. We are working on the restoration and conservation of 600 hectares of mangrove in Mexico.

Youth with cultural identity

We celebrated a program which enhanced the empowerment and development of future and entrepreneurial skills for high school youth from indigenous communities, with this we managed to benefit 580 young people from 14 municipalities in the States of Querétaro and Morelos.

Comprehensive protection of San Pedro-Mezquital River and National Marshes

Program that aimed to improve hydrological connectivity under the conservation of ecological flows, reforestation of forests and rehabilitation of channels, to ensure the availability of water for human consumption, productive activities and conservation of ecosystems such as riverine forests, wetlands and mangroves.

Water security in the Copalita River Basin

We supported strengthening the water security of this river through monitoring and evaluating ecological flow, estimating flood areas, as well as monitoring groundwater and surface water.

Micro-basin restoration in Amanalco

The project aimed to improve the water quality and health of 25 eco-systemic hectares of the Amanalco-Valle de Bravo basin for the benefit of both local populations and users of the Cutzamala System.

Conservation of the Mesoamerican reef and aquifer restoration

The objective was to reduce the negative impact of the coral reef and carry out conservation actions for the Maya Ka’an aquifer, deteriorated by tourist growth and the absence of sustainable practices by communities, hotels and climate change. We restored 50 hectares of reef.

Endotherapy for trees at Chapultepec Forest

During 2021 we implemented a program to control and prevent tree pests. This therapy is characterized by the absence of dispersion of chemicals in the environment and by being a completely harmless technique for people and animals.

During these years we have made significant progress and we continue to work hard to ensure an increasingly responsible operation of our group in all areas of our performance: social, economic and environmental.

Being a sustainable company is not an annual task, it is a lifelong commitment.