Philanthropic support to communities and climate programs

At HSBC Mexico we aim to develop long-term businesses by balancing social, environmental and economic aspects in the decisions we make. This allows us to be sustainable as a financial institution, while promoting the growth of the country to achieve a significant social transformation.

Therefore, we have a robust community investment strategy in which we make alliances with expert foundations in education, environment, community and health. This allows us to work with a wide range of programs that positively impact our stakeholders and give us the opportunity to connect even more with the communities where we have a presence.

In addition to community investment, with the support of our clients and employees, we carry out fundraising campaigns through our branch network and ATMs that promote social and climate programs.


We support priority causes that affect our country and we do so by involving our employees in selecting which ones should benefit.

HSBC Foundation

We want to contribute to the sustainable growth of the communities in which we operate and positively transform society by investing in social, environmental and innovation programs.