Our strategy

Our purpose is to be where the growth is, enabling businesses to thrive and economies to prosper, and ultimately helping people to fulfil their hopes and realise their ambitions.

We are the world’s leading international bank. Our international network generates more than half of the HSBC Group’s client revenue and covers markets that account for more than 90 per cent of global GDP, trade and capital flows.

Since 2011, we have pursued a two-part strategy: to develop our international network, and to invest in wealth and retail businesses with local scale. This strategy is working and has enabled us to capitalise on our competitive strengths.

Our access to high-growth developing markets in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America gives us a platform for long-term growth – and enables us to connect our customers to opportunities around the world. Our balance sheet strength continues to provide an excellent foundation for a sustained dividend.

After a period of significant transformation for the bank, in June 2018 HSBC Group Chief Executive John Flint outlined plans to refocus on growth. We aim to increase customer numbers, take market share, and grow revenue and profits on a consistent basis. We will do this while taking action to improve our competitiveness in the future, including by investing in technology.

Further information about HSBC’s strategy  is available on our corporate website. Please note this is English language only.

We are uniquely placed to help customers around the world achieve their ambitions

John Flint, HSBC Group Chief Executive