HSBC Mexico’s sustainability programmes focus on education, the environment and projects that benefit the community. We work hard to ensure that these programmes have the greatest possible social or environmental impact and encourage our employees to volunteer to take part in them.

Education projects

Just Raise Your Hand

In partnership with the Lazos Foundation and the Ara Foundation, HSBC Mexico is working to prevent children from dropping out of school and improve the quality of education. With the help of our partners, employees and customers, we are sponsoring school children, strengthening school infrastructure and providing teacher training. More than 5,500 children have benefited from the programme since it began in 2010. The goal for 2015 is to increase the number of sponsored children to more than 6,500.

For more information, visit the Lazos Foundation website

Zippy's Friends

This course helps children aged between six and eight years to talk about their feelings, face up to difficult situations and find solutions to problems. Taught in schools and kindergartens over 24 weeks, it covers topics such as forming friendships, bullying and dealing with change and loss. More than 12,500 children have benefited from the programme since its launch in 2010.


As part of FutureFirst, HSBC’s flagship global education programme, HSBC Mexico donated nearly USD450,000 to tackle child poverty in 2014, benefiting more than 8,500 children. We worked on two projects with SOS and six additional projects, including: Hostel Children Los Pinos, City of Monterrey Children, Mano Amiga Chalco, EDNICA, JUCONI and NEMI Foundation.

Financial education

HSBC Mexico runs a range of initiatives to help people manage their finances.

  • HSBC works with the Universidad del Valle de Mexico to run a course in finance and banking and has also helped to develop personal finance lessons as well as organising lectures from a personal finance expert during National Financial Literacy Week in 2014.
  • In association with the National Commission for the Protection of Financial Services Users (CONDUSEF), HSBC publishes guides to help people in disadvantaged communities to understand their personal finances. In 2014, 70,000 copies were distributed.
  • HSBC worked together with Visa and Marvel to launch a financial education comic called “The Avengers” to explain in simple terms financial words such as savings, income and expenditure. The publication had a circulation of 30,000 copies.


Bécalos is an education initiative run by the Mexican Banking Association, the Televisa Foundation and financial institutions including HSBC Mexico. It supports academics in higher education and teachers in state schools, helping to improve the quality of education for more than 39 million students. HSBC Mexico enables customers to donate to the scheme through its network of ATMs.

See Well to Learn Better

Operated in conjunction with the Ministry of Public Education, this programme provides glasses to state primary and secondary school students. In 2014, the project helped provide more than 55,000 children with new glasses.

English programme

Our partnership with the British Council trains teachers to provide high-quality English lessons and helps students expand their employment opportunities. Through our partnership with Bécalos (see above), we offer scholarships for people to improve their English language skills through a year’s online study with a leading language training company. The project has offered 60,000 scholarships over three years.

Community projects

Adding Value: Inclusion programme for people with disabilities

In 2011, HSBC Mexico launched Adding Value, which aims to recruit and retain people with disabilities. Since then, it has hired 80 employees with various disabilities. In association with foundations including FHADI, Altia Group IAP and Independent Living Mexico, we also offer courses to help disabled people find better employment. Our work in this area earned us the Congruencia Movement’s Inclusiveness Prize 2013 in the community engagement category.

Empowering Women

The Empowering Women programme seeks to help women living in poverty to improve their lives. We work closely with communities using seminars, conferences and other methods to provide financial education, help women to build their self-esteem, and develop assertiveness and leadership. In 2014 the programme helped 5,408 women in 28 municipalities across four states.

Migrants Programme

The Migrants Programme, run in partnership with Save The Children, aims to discourage young people from leaving home. The project works to strengthen the communities in which young people live and making sure that children that do want to return home can do so safely. In 2014 the project benefited 1,787 children and adolescents from three communities of Puebla.


A foundation of the Mexican Banking Association, Quiera is a not-for-profit organisation that supports institutions working on behalf of children and young people on the streets.

Environmental projects

HSBC Insurance Green Project

Every time an individual takes out a life insurance policy with HSBC, we make a donation to projects to clean up and preserve urban forests in Mexico. We work with local communities to tackle environmental and social problems to ensure that these projects are sustainable. HSBC Seguros has also organised four races to raise funds for the conservation of Chapultepec Forest in the Federal District.

HSBC Water Programme

The HSBC Water Programme is a five-year, USD100 million initiative to tackle water challenges around the world. In Mexico, we are supporting the non-governmental organisation Amigos de Sian Ka'an to prevent pollution and to protect the Maya aquifer in Yucatan Peninsula, one of the country’s biggest underground reserves of freshwater. In 2013 we completed the scientific study and mapping of a number of wells and ponds, which will help the state government to strengthen the protection of the aquifer and underground rivers.

To tackle water shortages, we also support the Isla Urbana, a system developed by a Mexican entrepreneur to capture rainwater. HSBC volunteers have been trained to install this system in low-income homes that lack access to clean water. In 2014, rainwater harvesting systems were installed in Ajusco and Xochimilco, cutting water consumption by 450,000 litres.

Look After Your Environment

Founded in 2012, the Look After Your Environment programme aims to create a working group of HSBC Mexico employees who are environmental leaders, committed to making environmental and sustainability issues an essential part of the bank’s operations. They are also responsible for leading HSBC Mexico’s annual Environment Month, which was attended by nearly 5,000 employees and their families in 2014.


More than 2,800 staff across Mexico volunteered for more than 43,000 hours in 2014, for causes including:

  • Colectón: an initiative to distribute toys to thousands of low-income children.
  • Family Reforestation: an annual project for employees and their families to tackle the effects of deforestation.
  • Climate Entrepreneurs: an environmental education programme that involves HSBC volunteers going into primary schools to discuss climate change and how children can help to tackle it.

Our operations

We at HSBC Mexico measure and report our consumption of energy and water, the amount of waste we send to landfill and the CO2 emissions from the energy and transportation that we use in order to help reduce our environmental impact.

We have introduced a range of energy-saving measures, including installing solar panels in branches, replacing halogen lightbulbs with LED bulbs and replacing air conditioning units.

HSBC Tower, our headquarters in Mexico City, was the first building in Latin America to win Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification in the new construction category, and has since won Platinum certification in the operations and maintenance category. It also has the largest green roof in a corporate building in Latin America, helping to cool the building in summer and keep it warm in winter.

Further information

More information on HSBC Mexico’s approach to sustainability issues and the community can be found in our annual Community Investment reports. Please note that these are available in Spanish only.

HSBC Mexico Community Investment Report 2014 (PDF 2.77MB)

HSBC Mexico Community Investment Report 2013 (PDF 2.53MB)

HSBC Mexico Community Investment Report 2012 (PDF 1.94MB)

To learn about the importance that the HSBC Group places on sustainability, please visit the Sustainability section on our corporate website. Please note that this is available in English only.